My First Blog!

Hey everyone! I’ve been wanting to start a blog for some time now, but I just could not make my mind up as to what I wanted to write about! I recently had a broken engagement and am still going through the ups and downs of getting over a loss. I’ve gone through it all, from dropping all of my friends and not doing anything but sitting on the couch eating Haagen Dazs ice cream with my mom (which I still do sometimes) to digging into the Word and trying to figure my life out. It’s been a not-so-fun journey, but I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! While making some changes with myself, I’ve recently gotten really into all things beauty. Before, I viewed it as something I HAD to do (because being a young woman, that’s what society tells you), not something I really wanted to do. It was a hassle and took up way too much dad-gum time. That is, until I discovered Professional Makeup Artist and YouTubber, Jaclyn Hill. She completely changed how I view makeup and brought out the “Makeup Geek” inside me. I encourage every young woman to look her up and follow her- she is such an inspiration! Unfortunately for my dad’s wallet, I am now completely makeup obsessed and decided I wanted to share! I’m sure you’re thinking, “Great.. Another beauty blogger wannabe.” I get it, I would be too. I get just as annoyed with all of the different ones out there as you probably do. I am by no means a makeup artist and I never will be. So my page isn’t going to be just about makeup, there’s much more to me than that. I want my blog to be an outlet where girls can come and discuss makeup and life in general! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I will post again soon! Xoxo.

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