how to: hot roll your hair

Hey y’all!! I hope you all have had a wonderful week and are ready to take it on into the weekend.

Today, I wanted to share with y’all how I curl my hair because I constantly have people asking me how I do it and how I get it to stay. SO, if this is something that interests you, please keep reading!img_4406Alright, I’m just going to state the obvious here, and say that I use hot rollers. Sometimes I will use a curling iron, but I have found that this is the best way to keep my hair from getting damaged. I prefer the Conair Rollers, I have had three of these (I have two currently, so I don’t have to travel with them), and I absolutely love them! It has four large rollers, and eight smaller ones. I like to use the smaller ones for a tighter curl. It takes five minutes to heat up and you’re good to go!

The first thing I do, is brush my hair to make sure there are no tangles. I start from the bottom and work my way up, and then brush straight down.img_4407From there, I re-brush the back part of my hair and grab a good size section. I spray that section of hair with some Bed Head Hard Head Hairspray (my holy grail hairspray), only one or two times, lightly. You don’t want to spray it a lot or it will get really gunky and hard, and when you take it down, it won’t fix easily.

Rolling the top section of my hair, under.

Then, I go to the section under it, re-brush, spray, and roll it under super tight, just like the top one.

This is what it looks like when I’ve done the first two sections of hair. There is still some hair under those sections, but I will get to them later!

img_4434Now, I go to the sides of my hair. I do the top right section, the top left section, and then go to the bottom two sides..img_4474I save the bottom sides for last, because they are smaller and do not need as much time as the bigger sections.

Remember, to always make sure that you are rolling it as tight as possible. I cannot stress that enough. When it hurts your scalp, you’ve done it right. The reasons you want it so tight, are 1- So it will stay in place to set the curl, and 2- So the curl will last longer and be bigger.

img_4473Now that I have all of my hair up, I spray it again, so it will set better. I use a generous amount of hairspray, and spray each section at least twice.

I let my hair sit for at least 15 minutes, or more if I have time. While I’m waiting, I usually finish my makeup, get dressed, pick out jewelry, put on lotion, etc..img_4471The very last thing I curl are my bangs. Obviously, if you don’t have bangs, you will skip this step as the sections around your face will be in the other rollers. BUT, since I do have bangs, I want to curl them because straight bangs and curled hair isn’t cute…. So, I brush my bangs straight up and put the roller behind that section and roll it backwards. I do not pin it or let it touch my head, because it will flatten out at the top if I do. I hold it at least an inch above my head, for at least 4-5 minutes to give it time to set.

After it has set, I take the first section that I did down, and the one under that, taking them out in the order I put it up. I don’t actually know if this helps anything, but I take it down in that order to give the last ones up more time to set.img_4484After it is all down, I just run my fingers through it, and separate the sections that have been sprayed. I do not brush it after rolling because it will fall.

Teasing the top, back portion of my hair.
Teasing my bangs.

Next, I tease the sections of my hair that I want bigger. I usually just do the back, top section and my bangs. Since teasing can break your hair, I only do this when I really need it to stay all day.img_4560-1And lastly, I spray all of my hair with a generous amount of hairspray and I’m done!

The finished product of my big hair!

img_4562-1This is the finished product! It usually is a lot bigger than this, but I let it sit too long and didn’t use a ton of hairspray.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. Thanks so much for reading! If you want to see more hair tutorials, please let me know in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “how to: hot roll your hair

    1. Thank you so much! I’ve been using them since I was little. They really are easy to use though! I’ve gotten several of my friends into them. Definitely try them out!


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