Oh look, another Haul | 2016

Hey everybody! I first want to say, I am very sorry I only got one post out last week. Between Phi Lamb recruitment, Galentine’s Day, STILL celebrating my 21st birthday, AND my aunt’s birthday, I have had no time to write (again). I promise as soon as I get my planner for this year, and the craziness of Phi Lamb and opening weekend in a few days dies down, I will get right back on schedule. I am going to work really hard to get another post out tomorrow, but I have a pretty busy day, so it may be another week because of Phi Lamb obligations, babysitting and baseball games, but I still hope to get it out!

Now that’s been said, I received my last Sephora haul for a while, last week! I am trying to get away from all of the hauls and post more content, so I am going to (try) to refrain from buying some for a couple of weeks. But we’ll see how well that goes.. Alright guys, here’s my latest haul!! The first thing I got, is the Boscia Purifying Cleansing Gel. This product is the reason I bought anything in the first place. I ran out of makeup remover last week and had used a sample of this several months back, so I decided to go ahead and buy! I have been using this every night to take off my makeup, and am really enjoying it so far, but will give a more detailed report later, in case it causes breakouts or dry patches! I actually had a tie between the Boscia cleanser and this one, because I have used a sample of this one and really liked it, as well as the last product. I ultimately decided to get the bigger of the Boscia and the smaller of this, because it had some iffy reviews, so I second guessed myself on my purchase. This is the Soy Fresh Face Cleanser. I have been using this in the morning to cleanse my face before putting makeup on, and am really liking it so far! Again, I will give a review in a few weeks as to how I really feel about it!Something I have been wanting for a very long time and FINALLY got is the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder. I’m like the last person in the beauty community to get on the bandwagon and I am so, so glad I finally did! I have only used it maybe three times since buying, but have noticed a difference in my under eye area, and application of bronzer, blush, etc. because of it!! I am really excited to have finally added this to my makeup collection!!Another thing I bought is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Soft Brown. I have used this before and ran out of mine, so I obviously needed another! I really like this product and will be showing y’all how I do my brows and a review on the ABH brow products very soon! I decided to try out one of Anastasia’s brow brushes, so I got the ABH Brush #12. Some of the reviews kinda turned me off to her brushes, but since ABH is my holy grail brow products, I decided to ignore those comments, and see for myself! This one has a spooley on one end and a small synthetic brow brush on the other. I have only used this once but think I will enjoy this with my Dipbrow!Last, but not least, I have Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Pure Hollywood. They describe it as a “pale mauve nude” and it actually turned out to be my perfect nude shade! I have worn this liquid lip almost every day since, and have loved it so much that I cannot wait to try out some of the other shades! It is not too drying, and has lasted a very long time for me. Since it is just a tad darker than my actual lip color, when it fades off, it’s barely noticeable. Really happy about this purchase!

ABH Liquid Lipstick- Pure Hollywood.

Well guys, that is it for this Sephora haul! I hope you all enjoyed reading this post! I promise to get my stuff together and stick to my schedule (I know, I say that a lot, but I’m working on it!)

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Volcano | 2016

Today, I’m showcasing one of my favorite non-beauty items of ALL TIME. No, it’s not my Pottery Barn Makeup Organizer…Yes, that is one of them too.

This is my absolute favorite candle IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!!

I didn’t want to do another random post so soon after my last one, but it is just too good to not talk about..This is the Capri BLUE Volcano Candle, and I’m telling you, it is THE BEST candle I have ever owned.

The Capri BLUE Candles are hand-poured in Starkville, Mississippi and are eco-friendly!

Pricing starts around $15, but I believe this one was $30, and it is SO worth it!! They come in all different colors, shapes, sizes and fragrances! I am on a mercury glass kick right now, so that’s the one I got.

Each one of their scents are so unique and amazing, but Volcano is definitely my favorite, hands down! It has a very tropical fruity, orangey, limey, lemony scent that is just TO DIE FOR.

I have actually not lit this one yet.. Because, I can close my bedroom door with the lid off of the candle for about an hour and when I go back in my room, the entire room will smell just like it, which I think is pretty amazing!

If you have not gotten your hands on one of these candles, you’re really missing out and need to do so ASAP!! I really wish I could send this scent to y’all through my computer. IT IS JUST SO FLIPPING GOOD.

Well, that’s it for this short, little, random post! Thanks so much for reading. I will hopefully be getting up a brow (or possibly a haul) post on Thursday, so please stay tuned for that!

I also just want to say thank you to all of my followers! I am so thankful and blessed by how far my little blog has come in the short amount of time I’ve been here. It means so much to me!

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January Favorites | 2016

Hey Hey! I am so sorry I have been MIA this week.. it was my Big’s and my 21st birthday this week, so I have been super busy and had no time to sit down and write.. With that being said, today I will be sharing my January favorites with you guys! These are just the products I found myself reaching for the most in the month of January! Hope you all enjoy!!
The first thing on my list of faves is my Foreo Luna 2. This one says it is for “combination skin to deeply cleanse and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for radiant, firm, youth-looking skin.” I haven’t really seen a difference in that aspect, BUT it does make a difference in removing my makeup, and the way my face feels after cleansing. I have had this for almost two years, but have just now started using it again after a period of about five months. I really love mine and recommend trying it out if you haven’t already! The next item that I loved in January, is the Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion. I use this mainly at night after a more intense routine, when I use masks, medicine, face wash, and all of that good stuff. It is really great for sensitive skin and always soothes my face after my routine. Just a little bit of this product goes a really long way, I only need a pea sized amount for my entire face. This my favorite “night time” moisturizer at the moment!Now, I have Amy Head eyeshadow in the shade Cupcake. I use this shadow mainly as a base for my more taupe/brown shadows. In the pan, it looks a lot more sparkly than it actually is. When I apply it to my eyes, the sparkle doesn’t show up at all. This is just something that I have been doing recently in my everyday routine. Now, I have this Ulta Complete Eye palette in Indie. Even though I do not shop at Ulta anymore, I still really like this little palette! As you can see, it has some great neutral shades in it. I’m not a huge fan of the bottom right color, but it was a freebie so I can’t really complain. I have really enjoyed using the top two in my everyday routine! It is the perfect size for traveling, too, as it takes up little to no room in a bag. I have been really pleased with this product!This is the Physician’s Formula Powder Palette Mineral Glow Pearls in Translucent Pearl. The way I have been using this product is for a cheek highlight at school/ in my every day makeup routine when I want a subtle glow. If you’re looking for an intense highlight, this is not your guy, but I have found it to be really great for a natural day!Still on the subject of eyes, this is the Esteé Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Eye Pencil in the shade Slate. This is probably my third or fourth one in this shade. It is the perfect charcoal gray eyeliner. Esteé Lauder is my favorite pencil eyeliners that I have tried. They aren’t super dry or hard to apply, and I actually really enjoy using them! If you guys have any other pencil eyeliners-or just eyeliners in general- that you love, please let me know in the comments below! I’d love to try your favorites out!The last “eye product” (not really but kinda) I have for this month is this Amy Head Round Precision Brush. I have recently been using this to apply my inner corner and brow bone highlight. It also works really well for gel liner. The eye brushes are my favorite from Amy Head, they are the only ones that haven’t shed on me, for some reason. I really recommend trying out their brushes!
Lastly, I have NARS Super Orgasm blush! I have just gotten back into this blush again, because I had been using a warmer Amy Head blush for fall and winter. (You can see my comments about the Amy Head blush in my November Favorites.) BUT, I have really gotten a lot of compliments about my blush when wearing this one! It is not as glittery as it looks in the picture. It usually falls out when I tap my brush before applying. I am so in love with this right now!

Well, y’all, that’s it for my January Favorites post! Thanks so much for reading! Please let me know in the comments below if you have used any of these products, and what your favorites were this last month!

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