summer empties + reviews | 2016

Hey everyone!

With it being my first post in a while, I thought it would be appropriate to make it my summer empties to show you guys what I’ve been into lately (and so I can throw away these empty bottles and move on.. shh). So, without further ado….

The first thing on my list of empties is the Philosophy Purity One-Step Facial Cleanser. I have really enjoyed this cleanser, but it honestly took me over half of the bottle to really get the hang of using it… I know, silly me, but seriously… It took me a while. Mainly because I am used to a more intense cleanser and this one I really have to work it into my skin to get it to remove all of my makeup. Still, it’s a great product and I’m already well into my second bottle!

My next skincare empty is the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser. I also really enjoyed using this product. I have not repurchased it, and don’t plan on it for a few months, solely because I have recently changed up my skincare routine and have no use for it at this particular moment. I used a pea size amount every morning just to get off whatever might not have the night before and start my day with a clean face. It did tend to make my face burn a TINY amount here and there, but that’s because my skin is SUPER sensitive to cleansers and it freaks out sometimes… okay, a lot of times. Beside the point….

Now, I have the Boscia Purifying Cleansing Gel. I personally do not 100% LOVE this cleanser. It gets the job done, but I feel like I had to use a whole lot more product than necessary to really get my face clean. For that one reason, I will probably not be buying this again in the future…

Next is the Estée Lauder Soft Clean Tender Creme Cleanser. I hate doing negative reviews, but this product is just….not my favorite, to say the least. It is for dry skin, and I’m combination/sensitive/oily on a bad day, so that could be part of the reason I do NOT like this. My face felt like it was on fire every time I used it. I had the small size (I actually think it’s a sample I stole from my mom), so I used the whole bottle while waiting on the others to be shipped to my house.

Now, I have Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub. Out of the drugstore scrubs I have tried, this one is probably the one I will go back to. I really notice a change in the brightness of my skin when I use this product. It can dry me out a little bit, but having the complicated skin that I have, I’m not really mad about that. Two thumbs up for Neutrogena!

My last skincare product is the Mario Badescu Cucumber Cleansing Lotion. I struggle when it comes to cleansing lotions because most tend to break me out more than help cleanse my face. This is the only one I have tried that does not have that effect on me. I just really love the Mario skincare line! I always feel so refreshed and clean when using it. Holy grail for sure!

Next, I have the Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer. As I have said before, this is my HOLY GRAIL CONCEALER!! That’s all I really have to say about that. Except the fact that I need to get off my lazy behind and get a shade lighter cause ya girl has gotten PALE!!

Now, I have the Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray. I seriously don’t know what I would do without this stuff. Ever accidentally spent the night somewhere you didn’t plan on staying and didn’t have your makeup remover with you? Yeah…. I actually woke up the next day with my face looking the same as the night before. Pretty sure this stuff is magic.

And my last makeup empty is the Smashbox Iconic Photo Finish Foundation Primer. This thing lasted me over a year and I am still obsessed with it. It is the first primer I have ever used and the one I keep going back to (mainly because drugstore ones make my skin freak out..shocker). However, I just purchased a Make Up Forever primer (that I will be talking about in my next post) so we will see if this stays my number one!

Okay, I want to share with you guys two of my favorite hair products, just because I CANNOT live without either one and go through them like crazy. So, if you’re interested in these last two products, please keep reading!

First, I have the TRESemmeé Platinum Strength– Strengthening Heat Protect Spray. I spray this all over the ends of my hair before every time I dry it to prevent heat damage. I really believe if I didn’t, my hair would be completely and totally FRIED. I don’t know how much it has helped on the “strengthening” part because my hair sheds…a lot… but it definitely has helped it not be gross from all of the heat I put on it daily.

And lastly, I have the Bed Head Hard Head Hairspray. I have tried every single hairspray you can imagine, and haven’t found one that tops this. I use it every single day, multiple times a day, because it is the only thing that can keep my head even looking halfway the way I would like it to. It’s literally like superglue….or maybe I just use the whole can on my head… Who really knows? The point is, FAVE HAIRSPRAY IN THE WORLD. If it can withstand almost every southern state’s humidity… we’re golden.

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