what’s the hype about Erin Condren ??

I don’t think it’s any surprise when people say they love the Erin Condren planners and notebooks…

I mean, I do too.

They are beautiful, customizable, fun, luxurious, great for organization, spread positivity….

And expensive. Very expensive.

If you’re anything like me, you don’t enjoy seeing that number go up when you’re buying a planner. A planner for Pete’s sake! So, of course, I take advantage of pretty much every sale and discount code she has to offer when it comes time to buy a new planner….

I’m sure you can see where this is going by now…

Over a week ago she had a 25% off discount code on her entire site. I figured this probably would not happen again by the time I needed one for next semester, so I thought it best to take advantage of it….

I had been deleting my order and starting over every time I would get to the “payment” part, because it didn’t give a “review order” section and I needed to make sure it was just right. Me- being the dumb, go-as-fast-as-I-can girl that I am when ordering things online- forgot to type the code in the last time I went through the process (it was a tiny, almost unseen area that blended in with the payment information). As I submitted the order, I IMMEDIATELY realized my mistake.

So, what did I do? It was 10 p.m. and they weren’t open, so I emailed them. I emailed and asked for ANY help possible, since I knew the code and got to them before the time was up. I also asked if I could please cancel the order if I couldn’t get the discount. I didn’t want to spend over $80 on a planner. I could buy more makeup with that money…

To all which I was told, flat out- no. No, they would not add the discount to my order. And no, I could not cancel my order “because production had already started” WHEN THEY WEREN’T EVEN OPEN. Makes sense right?  Heck, my order wasn’t even customized, so it’s not like they had put my name or color preferences on anything.

I found the Erin Condren people were not willing to help me with my problem. Granted, it was my fault in the first place as the code was the ONLY reason I was buying at that moment.

It may just be my personal opinion, but when you’re paying $80 for a few sheets of paper, I think a company should be willing, at all costs, to help a customer. At the very least, let them cancel their order up to 24 hours later.

But apparently, Erin Condren doesn’t believe “the customer is always right.”

I don’t like giving a company a negative review, but I have never heard this about them.. and I wish I had known.

Have you had this experience with Erin Condren or any other company, or is this just me?


A very sad and disappointed Betsy.

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