marc jacobs dew drops coconut gel highlight- GLOW or NO?

Disclaimer: I was one of the lucky people to receive the Marc Jacob Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlight complementary of Influenster and Marc Jacobs Beauty for reviewing purposes. My opinion is 100% my own and is not swayed in any way, simply because it was free.


When I first started using this product, I really enjoyed it. It was a great product, and I began using it pretty consistently, especially on nights out. It is a beautiful peachy-golden shade that would, in my opinion, be great on just about any skin tone, and it was definitely the perfect blinding highlighter!

After about a week of usage, I started noticing the product would break up my foundation to the point where, when I put it on, the foundation would completely come off of the areas I applied it.

I tried to give it several other chances with different application techniques (and different foundations) but ultimately decided this product just wasn’t for me and stopped using it altogether.

I really do not want to discard such a high-end product, but it has really not worked for me since the first few times. Even after applying swatches on the back of my hand for these pictures, I noticed it starting to ball up and get super thick and patchy, no matter how little product I used.

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I may end up trying it again as shoulder or collarbone highlight, or maybe even on my summer no-makeup days because I really do hate to waste it. Ugh, it’s just so pretty, I hate that it doesn’t work with foundation!

Please let me know in the comments below if you have tried the Coconut Gel Highlighter out, and if it worked for you or not!

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