new year tag |first post of 2019

Hey everyone, I hope you all are having a great holiday season!

Instead of setting resolutions and saying I’ll do things I most likely won’t… I decided to start the new year off with reflecting on 2018 and getting excited about the future.

I found this tag by YouTube Society and decided I’d join in on the fun. I left some of their questions out, so go check them out to see the full tag!

1.  Three Words to describe last year.
Unexpected, tiring and STRESSFUL.

2. What was the most memorable moment for you of 2018?
Top 3: Hillary’s bachelorette trip, Ethan and Hillary’s wedding, and every moment of finishing college!

3. What was your most played song of 2018?
Lol… probably Mo Bamba (@Pike – RIP) or Mine by Bazzi. Also: thank u, next, Woman by Kesha, and everything Post Malone.

4. Did you take any trips in 2018? Tell us about the most memorable ones and why!
Hillary’s Nash Bash! We went out in Nashville, toured Fat Bottom Brewery, and I got kicked out of a bar because the bouncer didn’t believe I’m 23!

5. Something you’re looking forward to this coming year?
My ski trip in February!

6. What was the hardest thing you went through in 2018?
My house burning down and my dad being there. Nothing else matters compared to how scary and heartbreaking that was. I’m just so thankful it wasn’t any worse.

7. Who/What are you most thankful for throughout the last year?
MY DAD and dog Scout!!!

8. What was the funniest thing that happened last year?
Definitely getting kicked out of a bar because they thought my real I.D. was fake. I cried then, but now I find it hilarious.

9. What was your favorite series this year?
I don’t really have one but I watched Harry Potter for the first time ever so that was pretty cool.

10. What are you hoping for less of this coming year?
Is boys an acceptable answer..?

11. What are you hoping for more of this coming year?
Men? LOL, no… MONEY!! Bring on the job and a steady paycheck.

12. What personal goals did you achieve in 2018?
I graduated college and survived 3 semesters of 18 hours!!

13. What is your favorite YouTube Content Creator in the last year?
Tati Westbrook, also James Charles!

14. What are you/did you do for new years eve?
Going to eat at Oxford Grillehouse with my family and then hitting the Square with my friends!

15. What was your most memorable new years moment?
Watching my best friend, Kelly, kiss a boy in the bar! (If you know her, you know she doesn’t do that.. so I rang in the new year laughing my head off!) The biggest shock of 2018.

16. Where is your dream city/place to celebrate new years?
New York or Dallas!

17. Do you celebrate new years with a kiss?
If my dog counts…

18. In 2019, what are your goals?
Landing my dream job and focusing on my blog! I’d also like to learn more about photography and my camera. Losing 5 pounds and clearing up my skin wouldn’t hurt either.

19. Where do you want to travel in 2019?
First- Beaver Creek, Colorado. Next: Atlanta or Dallas! I wouldn’t mind going back to SoCal, either.

20. What do you think 2019 is the year of?
Getting out of my comfort zone.

21. How are you going to motivate yourself to stick to your goals this year?
Reminding myself every day where I want to be and what I have to do to get there. My scale will probably help, too.

22. What are your dream scenarios for 2019?
No drama. No stress. Happiness. Calories not counting…

23. In 2019, What new things do you want to try?
A rollercoaster in the mountains on my ski trip. New makeup brands that I haven’t tried and KL Polish!

24. What are you going to stop doing in 2019?
Probably nothing.. but hopefully letting outside sources have power over me.

25. Three words to describe your upcoming 2019?
New, exciting, intimidating!

I tag YOU! Answer some of these questions below and let me know how you’re ringing in the new year!

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