I wanted to do one last thing before I never speak of 2018 on this blog again… Share my goals for this site for 2019 and the rest of its existence!

1. Update the site. Constantly. I never want to stop improving.

2. With things changing in the near future, I want to stick to a schedule of posting multiple times a week. I’ve decided on every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday!

Our bonus days will be Friday or Sunday depending on the week, or if I have something additional I want to post that week. This is more flexible than the other days, so keep an eye out for those extra posts!

There may be weeks without bonus days because my regular schedule is Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

3. Become a better photographer. This is something that has intimidated me from the beginning. Since I came back, I have dug into research on how to better operate my camera and edit to make beautiful photos! I believe I’m on the right path, but am always looking for new information. 

4. Host my first giveaway! Our family has been growing each week, and because of that, I want to host my first giveaway fairly soon. I’m hoping this can be by the end of February or March, but am playing it completely by ear!

5. Better content – faster. I’m a slow writer when it comes to things I’m posting on the internet and I want to get better at the quality and how much time I spend on it. (I have already been getting better about this – planning has been key.)

6. Film my first vlog! This is something I actually plan on doing during my Colorado trip, so stay tuned if you want to see that!

I see bloggers post every day and aspire to be able to do that. I’m not pushing myself that hard just yet, but I want to see growth in myself and my blog this year.

These are just some of my personal goals that have been on my heart for a while and I’m excited to say I’m pretty much sticking to this little list. It’s taken some figuring out but we’re getting there!

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