current favorite: FULL COVERAGE foundations!

Hey guys. Today I want to talk about my two current go-to full coverage foundations!

I want to start off by saying I don’t use this first foundation every day. In fact, I don’t use it unless it’s a special occasion and I have a lot of time to get ready. But, that’s just it. It’s become one of my most trusted foundations very quickly!

This is the Dior Airflash Foundation. If you haven’t figured out by now, I’m a Dior girl when it comes to foundations. I trust the brand wholeheartedly.Dior Airflash foundation I didn’t want to purchase this at first because it didn’t seem very realistic for where I was at in life. I needed an easier application for foundation where I could spend more time on my eyes.

However, when it was time to get a new foundation, I decided to give this a go instead of my original Forever (wish I didn’t do that now, but oh well). So far, it’s REALLY GOOD. I am so happy with this foundation. And I haven’t turned my hair blonde yet! (That’s been a fear of mine since the beginning.)

This has been one of the best foundations I’ve used in a while besides my Forever. But, I do only use it when I have plenty of time to blend and make sure it’s perfectly even. It can be a little tricky and scary (and honestly this can’t be that healthy to SPRAY on the face…) but it creates a beautiful finish that stays on like glue until you want it to come off. I really have never had a problem with this foundation, which is more than I can say for most of the ones I’ve tried.

If you’re anything like I was and are hesitant to try this because it doesn’t seem realistic, I honestly say go for it! The extra time is so worth that flawless base you get with this product!

Of course, I can’t talk about my favorite foundations without also mentioning my longtime love- Dior Forever! I finally ran out of my original formula and actually purchased the new formula with my mom last week! I did go with the matte one because I am just not a glowy foundation girl. I like more matte foundations because they don’t get oily in my t-zone the longer I have it on.Dior Forever foundation Even though I haven’t had this for very long, it is still my go-to when I want an easy full coverage foundation. The new formula wears just as beautifully as the original and I honestly wouldn’t change anything about it! Very long lasting and creates an amazing base! Despite being heartbroken that they discontinued the original formula, this one definitely takes the sting away. Much love to the new Forever.

Stay tuned for my favorite light coverage foundation on Wednesday!

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