current favorite light coverage foundation!

As promised, today I am following up with my current favorites series with none other than- light coverage foundation! Two days ago I talked about my two special full coverage foundations, so go read that if you haven’t already!

My current go-to light coverage foundation is the Dior Backstage foundation. Yes, it’s the same brand as my favorite full coverage ones. I can’t help it, I’m sorry!DIor backstage foundation I have really enjoyed this foundation for the last few months and I’m sure I will continue to do so! You can build it up to create a more medium to full coverage if preferred, but I wear it on my light days because it is just so easy.

My favorite way to apply this (or any foundation) on the days I’m going light is literally with just my fingers. I’m not a foundation brush girl, I rely more heavily on my sponges because the application is just better in my opinion). But sometimes it’s just not worth wetting the sponge. It’s so easy and quick to apply with your hands, and to be honest, if it’s good enough for Drew Berrymore it’s good enough for me!

This is the last of my current favorites posts for a while as I have some really exciting other stuff coming up I want to share with you guys! If you want more of these posts in the future feel free to let me know in the comments.

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