My experience shopping at a Dior makeup counter

Last week, my mom and I made the drive to Memphis to find luggage for our upcoming trip. While up there, we stopped by the Dior counter in Dillard’s to get some new foundation for the both of us. As usual, that’s not all we left with.

Dior makeup haul

As stated in my previous full coverage foundation post, I already L O V E the new matte formula of Dior Forever. It’s been so good to me already and I look forward to using it every time I do.Dior Forever Foundation

My mom also bought me their Oil to Milk Makeup Removing Cleanser. Dior Oil to Milk Makeup Removing CleanserThis is a cleanser I don’t really know how I feel about yet. I was so excited to use it that night when I got home and it didn’t really do much for me! The lady at the counter told me to dampen my face, put 3-5 pumps in my hands and rub it on my face after it turned white. After that, it should have removed my makeup completely. And honestly, it didn’t do that. I’ve tried it a couple of other times since, only after removing almost all of it with a makeup wipe and liked it then. But definitely didn’t see the magical removing powers this was said to have. I’m probably going to be taking this back next week when we go back up there before our trip. I just don’t see the point in keeping something that really did nothing for me.

The third thing I got was the Lip Glow To The Max in the shade Rosewood. Dior Glow to the MaThis is a hydrating lip balm that enhances the color of your lips. I have been enjoying putting this on before glosses or liquid lips and can definitely tell a difference between when I use it and when I don’t.

Dior boxBefore I leave I just have to say… LOOK AT THIS BOX!!! Is it not the most beautiful thing ever?? This is what our products came home in and if this happens every time, I’m shopping at the Dior counter from here on out. LIKE WHAT!! So pretty, and very nice quality. BUT, I guess I can’t buy more makeup just because of the box it comes in…

All in all, I’m glad I went and got those three products. My mom got several things, as well. In fact, she got a lot more than I did which never really happens. Proud of her for doing that.

Hope you all enjoyed this haul! See you in my next one.

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