my carry-on must haves!! | SKI TRIP EDITION

Since I’m traveling this week, I thought it appropriate to continue to add to the lifestyle portion of this blog and tell you guys what I’m taking in my carry-on!

I’ve been flying since I was about 9 months old, so I like to think I know a little about it. Since the fire, my family had to get all new luggage for this trip. My parents got their usual Hartmann, which I liked but didn’t love. Because I’m older, my mom wanted me to get something I’d want when I moved out, so I went with TravelPro. Personally, I liked the overall feel of the TravelPro over the Hartmann and it was a pound lighter, which with me is definitely needed. I’m so excited to be traveling with my new luggage for the first time!

In my carry-on, I always keep my valuable items and things I can’t go without if my luggage were to get lost. In the case of Colorado, it’s a little more difficult for me to do that as I can’t exactly fit my ski jacket with anything else in this small of a bag. It varies trip to trip, but you’ll get the point with what I have here!

1. My laptop. Macbook AirI don’t always take my laptop with me on trips, but when I do I always pack it in my carry-on so it doesn’t break or get lost. My new bag has a pouch in the front made especially for laptops, which is now mine’s new home.

2. My camera lenses.lensI’ve never flown with my camera before, but since I decided to this year, I’m taking the camera itself in my purse, and my lenses (the other was being used when this photo was taken, but I only have two so they both will go) are being wrapped up and placed in my roller bag. I put them in the middle of my suitcase where any impact won’t affect it.

3. Laptop + camera + phone/watch chargers.chargersI like to keep my chargers in my carry-on so I can easily access it at the airport if needed. I keep them in the pockets on the outside of my bag where I don’t have to search for them if something dies. I will most likely not need my computer or camera chargers because we don’t have that long of a layover, but I’ll keep them with me anyways.

4. Purse.tory burch purseIf I have an extra purse I want to take on the trip, I usually take it in my carry-on. Most airlines count purses as personal items, so I will take my bigger purse as my personal, and put the other in my luggage. If it isn’t a small one, I will sometimes check it, but I don’t have that many large purses I travel with so that isn’t usually a problem.

5. Jewelry. snapseed-20.jpgI never EVER check my jewelry. It’s too easily lost or broken and I would have anxiety the whole time that whoever checked my bag stole them. I’m sure they’re probably supervised but honestly, you never know. So to keep my peace of mind, I carry it with me!

6. Sunglasses. sunglassesAny sunglasses I want on the trip will be in my carry-on so they too can’t get broken. I like to keep them in their case and wrapped up in anything soft that I am taking just for the extra support. I have in the past kept them in my purse instead of a bag, but it honestly depends on how much room I have in each.

7. Socks + scarf.

Since I had extra room in my carry-on, I did this more to keep my checked bag as light as possible. These aren’t the most urgent things I need if my bag were to get lost, but I will take anything I can with me to make my big bag lighter. Yes, I realize socks are light and won’t make my bag that much heavier, but everything counts when they weigh your bag.

8. Makeup + toiletries.

My makeup bag featured in my post from Monday (read it here) goes in my carry-on as well. What I like to do is put most of my liquids in the quart plastic bag allowed, and whatever skincare items I’m taking in their own and then placed in the bag with the rest of my liquids. I do this where if one of the skincare items breaks or explodes, it won’t get all over my makeup and will be easier to clean. This step isn’t totally necessary but is how I personally like to keep my makeup.

9. Sweatshirt + sweatpants. snapseed-9Again, I added a pair of sweats to my carry-on to aid in a lighter checked bag. This also comes in handy if you have a delayed flight and have to stay the night in an unexpected city, or if your bag gets lost you at least have some type of extra clothes. This isn’t something I have always done but had the extra room in my bag this time to do it.

That’s about it for my carry-on this trip. Hope you all enjoyed!

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