easy mountain/ski makeup look

Hey guys. Sorry I’ve been kind of late on posting this week. Vacation time has me soo messed up. I originally had posts planned for each day but ended up not loving the content, so decided to just cut back for the week I’m in Colorado. We will be right on schedule Saturday when I get back!

Today I wanted to show you guys what I’m wearing on my face during the day while on the slopes! This look is very similar to my lazy day makeup (let me know if y’all want to see that!) but is altered a tad to prevent ski goggle lines and allows me to apply extra sunscreen during the day if needed. It’s super easy and takes me about 5-7 minutes depending on how lazy I’m being.

1. Estee Lauder Moisturizer.10784585360_img_2167This moisturizer is an oldie but a goodie that I always take when traveling. Love that it has an SPF in it, especially on the mountain!

2. Sunscreen. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT!! My family reapplies sunscreen liberally on the mountain to protect what little skin is exposed. You don’t realize it, but you can get very burnt while skiing. The snow reflects the sun even more than normal, and if your skin is bare you will turn into a tomato. Trust me, I’ve seen it.

Side note: please, please incorporate SPF into your daily routine. Whether it’s in your moisturizer, foundation, or an actual sunscreen anything is better than nothing!

3. Primer. 10784363296_img_2168I’m using primarily my Hangover primer on the slopes to keep the products on my skin to a minimum. This also helps with hydrating which I definitely need because my skin DRIES out and can break up my foundation in the constant cold.

I have used my Pore-Minimizing on my forehead a few days only to help it out a little in the texture department, but only when my skin wasn’t super dry.

4. Concealer. 10784061984_img_2175I’m not using a foundation on my skin where I can easily re-apply sunscreen and not have to worry about the product underneath it. So, I’m concealing under my eyes and my eyelids, on the center of my forehead, chin, nose and any spot concealing areas I need.

This is so easy to do and something I love when not doing a full face.

5. Powder. 10784318896_img_2166I lightly powder the areas I concealed to keep it from creasing or moving throughout the day.

6. Setting spray + mascara.


Lastly, I spray my face with Mario Rosewater spray and Urban Decay All Nighter and follow with mascara.

I always curl my lashes first and then go in the Tarte Opening Act and Gifted Mascara. I really enjoy doing this after setting spray just to make sure nothing transfers.

7. Chapstick. I’ve been putting sunscreen on my lips before chapstick to up the SPF dosage because 15 will not cut it in the mountains. I am just using the Chapstick brand because I had it and sadly lost my Sun Bum before the trip.

Hope you all enjoyed this easy mountain makeup look! It can also be great for summer or any vacation where you want a little something without taking the time to do a full face!

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