my favorite things to do in Beaver Creek + Avon, Colorado during the winter

Before I start wrapping up my ski trip posts, I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorite places and things to do while in Beaver Creek and Avon, Colorado! (I am going to try really hard to get out a vlog of my trip- but we will see how that goes…)

Important to note: these are in no particular order after the first one. All of my favorite things in Colorado have a special place in my heart, but skiing will always be my #1. The rest are close seconds but had to order it somehow.

1. Ski.

My favorite mountain and the one we always go to is Beaver Creek Mountain. This year, I also really enjoyed skiing Arrowhead which is on the same mountain, but on the far side. The base of Arrowhead had a restaurant with really amazing looking Bloody Mary’s, so if you’re in the area I definitely say to go and try one. I didn’t, but they looked so good and everybody in there had them!

2. Snowmobile.

I had one of the best experiences this year and snowmobiled for the first time since I was little. I even got to drive one by myself! We went up the mountain, stopped in a few places with amazing scenery, drank hot cocoa, and drove back down. We even saw a little moose family with two babies on the way up! A really cool experience that I can’t wait to do again.

3. Eat.

With me, I feel like this is a given. I love to eat. There are so many restaurants that quickly became our favorites many years ago, that I am actually creating a whole blog post about! The food in Colorado is some of my favorite… and also very expensive (at least where we stay). You don’t realize how much it can rack up until you’re there.

4. Take the Snowcat up the mountain to eat at Zach’s Cabin.

Even though I will be posting about my favorite places to eat in Beaver Creek, this is just too unique not to mention here, as well. We drive up to the Ritz, usually walk around the hotel and get a drink there, then catch a cat up the mountain to eat dinner in the coolest cabin. On a clear night, you get to see the stars and it is honestly one of the most beautiful things ever. I refuse to go to Beaver Creek and not do this.

5. Walk & shop in Beaver Creek Village.

Beaver Creek has the CUTEST village that we always shop in. It’s like a winter wonderland with all of the snow, skiers, ice skating, sculptures, statues, and lights. Honestly, it could not be more perfect.

There is a skating ring in the heart of the village that is perfect for families after/during a ski day. I used to love skating at the end of the day but figured out pretty quick that I am NOT any good, so I eventually stopped. 

6. Getting cookies and drinking hot chocolate at the base of the mountain.

They do this awesome thing every day at 3 p.m. where chefs come out with huge batches of cookies, passing them out to anyone who wants one. They call it “Beaver Creek Cookie Time” and honestly it’s one of the best parts of the day.

The cookies are fresh and hot and deserve a fresh cup of hot chocolate to go with it. Luckily, they have a Starbucks right around the corner from cookie time where you can pick one right up. I, personally, have been watching my weight so I didn’t grab one this last trip, In fact, I only participated in cookie time twice in the week we were there. I preferred to be on the mountain before the lifts closed.

7. Thursday Night Lights.

During the ski season, Beaver Creek puts on this thing called Thursday Night Lights. The ski and snowboard instructors lead a night ski down the mountain with glowsticks while fireworks go off behind them. The mountains light up in the background and it is simply beautiful. It may not compare to Friday Night Fireworks in Swayze, but it’s definitely on up there on things everyone needs to see.

8. Explore.

If there’s anything new to try up there, I want to do it! Unfortunately, this time I didn’t really have a chance to do too much of that. I wanted to be on the mountain more than I wanted to do much else. However, here is a rollercoaster on Copper Mountain and I am dying to try that out next time. I would also really love to try snowshoeing at some point. But only if I have longer than a week to ski and snowmobile.

9. Look at the wildlife.

They just have animals that Mississippi doesn’t. From moose, elk, bald eagles, bison, and more, I love being able to admire the beauty that is Colorado wildlife. This time, we saw a bald eagle and a moose with her two babies. Really neat experience, if you ask me.

10. Sit by the fire and (you guessed it) drink hot cocoa.

Whether it be in the condo, or outside, I love sitting with my family with a mountain view, a fire, and something sweet. It really could not get better than that.

I think that’s it for this post. I could go on forever about how much I love Beaver Creek, but need to find a stopping point at some point haha! Hope you guys liked this post! Let me know in the comments below if you’ve done some of the things in this post. See you in my next one!

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