#MonthlyManiMonday | Christmas 2019

Hey guys! I’m back with a new #MonthlyManiMonday featuring my Christmas nails for this year!

I’ve been having a hard time finding a new nail girl since mine moved away, so I basically stopped trying and just did them myself for a while. Earlier this month I tried a salon in Memphis and ended up hating my nails and they popped off in barely two weeks…. not a great first impression and a total waste of time and money.

Obviously, I decided I had to get them redone so I went back to my original nail salon in Oxford and was reminded of why I don’t go anywhere else. I tried a new girl there, absolutely loved her and walked away much happier than I was going in. I went with OPI Funny Bunny dip powder with a gel sparkler on top and I am absolutely in love with them! My girl took her time and made sure they were perfect before I left and I am over the moon with how they turned out!

What do your Christmas nails look like this year? Let me know in the comments below or tag me in them on Instagram, I’d love to see!

life update | July 2019

Hey guys! I’m back.

The reason you haven’t heard from me in so long is that I started a new job around the time of my last post and it’s taken me some getting used to. Since it has been so long, I just wanted to hop on here and tell you guys what I’ve been up to if you haven’t kept up with me through my social media.

First, even though we all know I graduated from college in December, I finally walked in May! Honestly, it didn’t feel as special as it would have if I had actually graduated in May, but it was still an awesome experience that I am very glad I participated in! img_1430-1Like I said earlier in this post, I started my first job with the Memphis Redbirds in February! This has been a HUGE adjustment for me. Five months of driving an hour and a half to get to work (and getting home around 2 a.m.) later and I’m trying to figure out what my next step is. Hopefully, I figure everything out in 2 weeks before my lease in Oxford is up. Pray for me.

And for my absolute favorite part of this year, I have been traveling all over the south to see my boyfriend for the last few months! I have been very fortunate to be able to so far this year. Both of our seasons are about to be coming to a close and I cannot wait for the off-season with him! Even though I have literally no idea where I’m going to be living, and he will be back home soon …ugh the stress… I’m still so excited! Two months of long distance left!

So to just show you guys a glimpse into the last couple of months, here is where I have been traveling. And yes, all I have done in 2019 has been baseball.

Allstar gameBiloxi, Mississippi- My first time to the Mississippi coast and the Southern League All-Star game. Extremely proud of this guy for making the team!

Knoxville, Tennessee- A lot, because that’s where he’s living right now. We never really get many/any pictures in Knoxville. Here are the literal two I’ve taken there. 

Chattanooga, Tennessee- A little surprise trip and some shopping time with my girl, Nicole.

Jackson, Tennessee- Two days in the hottest ballpark ever. I got the worst sunburn I’ve ever had in just one afternoon here. Peeled for weeks and learned to never go to a baseball field without sunscreen. I know better, now.

Montgomery, Alabama- One of my favorite stadiums and places I have been to so far and the first pictures of us with him in uniform this season!

And that’s where I’ve been the last few months! I know it doesn’t seem like a lot, but I am constantly on the road. If I’m not driving to and from work at crazy hours, I’m driving to and from random baseball fields with Wyatt…. also at crazy hours.

It’s definitely been a crazy season, but I want to get back into writing. I missed it dearly. Three times a week isn’t going to be happening like it was earlier this year, but expect to hear from me once or twice a week from now on!

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weird small Sephora haul

Hey guys! I’m finally back from my time off honoring baseball season beginning again. It was much needed and I am so giddy the best season is back! But now it’s time to get back into my other love: makeup.

I bought a few random things from Sephora and they finally came in! Hope you all enjoy this post.

1. Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour blush in the shade paaarty.Tarte blushThis is one of my absolute favorite blushes! I wear it just about every day and I’ve hit pan on my last one that I received as a sample a few years, so I needed a new one. I’ve never gotten a full-size blush from Tarte and was really excited when it came in and was a good bit bigger than the sample size. Seriously my favorite blush right now.

2. Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask. Bite beauty lip maskI’m always down to try a new lip product! I saw a YouTuber talk about this a while back and decided I had to try it! I’ve been using this for a few days and I really have enjoyed it so far. The only thing I wish was different is the tip of the applicator. You have to put it on your finger to put on your lips and I’m just not a huge fan of putting on lip products that way. Greasy fingers: not cute.

3. Sephora Brand facial razors.img_2626I’ve been wanting to try shaving my face for a while now. That’s a little (or a lot) weird and embarrassing to admit, especially online, but I do believe it gives a better makeup application and will help my skincare journey as well. All of the beauty YouTubers do it for those reasons and I figured why not try it myself. I’ve had trouble with small breakouts, so might as well see if it truly helps product absorption. 

I have actually already tried this since getting my order in the mail, and will do a whole separate post to tell you guys my personal experience!

4. Drunk Elephant Birthday Gift.

I technically didn’t buy this, but I had to buy something in order to get it, so I’m including it in this post. I wasn’t totally into the gift options this year, but after trying these products I am so glad I got this one! Drunk Elephant used to be a favorite brand of mine and somehow lost my love for it, but I think it might be making a comeback. Yay!

I’m always so excited to try out my new products and this haul is no exception! Stay tuned to hear my thoughts on them.

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Valentine’s Day tag | one day early :)

Alright guys, for today’s post I wanted to answer a few questions about my thoughts on Valentine’s Day. You guys know I’m not a huge fan of the holiday, but wanted to keep on the love theme for my posts this week. And for you guys who love the holiday, Happy (early) V-Day!

1. What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day memory?

I’m not really sure I have one, but my dad has surprised my mom and me in the past with flowers, balloons, and chocolate which is always sweet.

2. Sweethearts or chocolate covered strawberries?

Chocolate covered strawberries every day of the week!

3. Favorite romance movie?

I’m not really into romance movies, but He’s Just Not That Into You has been a favorite of mine for a few years now. SO funny and I love Matthew McConaughey!

4. Pink or red lips/nails?

Red lips, pink nails (for Valentine’s, red nails always)!

5. Thoughts on/about Valentine’s Day?

As I’ve said several times, I’m not big on this particular holiday. That being said, I’m not against it either, more neutral than anything, really. I think it can be really great and fun if you have someone special in your life, but I like strive to make sure those I love feel special more than one day a year. If you do that too, then great! Another day to celebrate is always fun.

6. What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

Spending it with my girls! A bunch of us are single right now, so we’re gonna have a girls night out!

7. Who was the last person you said “I love you” to?

My best friend Shaun and I actually just ended a FaceTime and we always say “love u bye” before we hang up. But also my puppy, Archie.

8. List 10 things you love.

Archie, Scout, and Hershey (one and the same), my friends and family (also being counted as one), God, baseball, animals, traveling, skiing, food, makeup, my alma mater: Ole Miss.

9. What is your favorite “love” quote?

Love is patient. Love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. -1 Corinthians 12:4-7

10. Hair up or down?

Down! But maybe a high pony depending on the outfit.

Hope you all enjoyed this tag. I tag YOU to comment below one (or more) of your answers to these questions. See y’all Friday!



SUPER EASY Valentine’s Day makeup look using the Jaclyn Hill Palette.

Hey everyone! It’s that time of year again. February is one of my favorite months (because it’s my birthday month) but I could definitely do without Valentine’s Day. No, mom, it’s not because I don’t have a boyfriend, either. I’m just someone who believes you should treat every day like Valentine’s Day. You shouldn’t need a day to tell someone you love them. Life’s too short to be waiting for something like that. v-day makeupJust because I’m not a big V-Day celebrater, doesn’t mean I can’t dip into some pinks and have some fun. This look is super easy, and something I’ve loved doing for a while now! It really makes my green eyes pop, so I tend to do it not just during love month. jaclyn hill palette vday makeupFirst, I go in with the shade Silk Creme all over my lid and follow on top of that with M.F.E.O. I use these shades a lot for my transition colors because they blend and build very well.

Then, I went in with the shade Pooter focusing it in the outer ‘v’ and blending to my crease when the product was about off my brush. A tad lower than that exact motion, I went in with the shade Buns’ focusing mainly on the outer ‘v’.

Now for the fun part, I first went in with the shade Little Lady in my inner corner to the middle of my lid starting a half-cut crease using a little Fix PlusI’m not entirely sure why I used Fix Plus, because I am NOT a fan and ended up having to go back in on top of it with my little finger because the payoff wasn’t as great as when I use something else. Then, I blended Little Lady into Sissy in the middle of my lid creating an ombre effect.

Lastly, on the lid, I went in with the shades Beam and Enlight in the corner of my eye and under my brow for a little highlight. vday makeup closeupTo complete the eye look, I smoked out my lower lash line with the shade Buns’ to really make the look come together. vday makeup action shotI finished my eyes with my trusted Opening Act Lash Primer and Gifted Mascara by Tarte. I don’t love fake lashes on me, but a good pair of fake lashes would look great to complete it as well! vday makeup final lookAnd this is the final look! Of course, it’s a lot more vibrant in person, but I’m still really pleased with how it turned out!

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easy light airport makeup + tips

Hey guys! Since I got back from my trip, I’ve been wanting to share with you all what I do to prep my skin for the sky.

My key ingredient to travel makeup is going light. I don’t want to sit in a recirculated air bucket for hours on end with a caked face. Or maybe I do, but my skin will 100% reject me for it.

That being said, I really recommend using a BB cream or tinted moisturizer (or even just concealer) as your base. But before we get into all of that, it is absolutely important to moisturize, scrub and do your facemasks before you go. This starts the night before.

The night before I travel, I always do my normal skincare routine incorporating a facial scrub and hydrating mask to ensure that my skin is prepared for the damage and germs it will come into contact with on the trip. The morning of, I will continue with my skincare routine, making sure not to strip it of any natural oils. I want my skin to be as happy as possible the day of!

With my skin ready, it’s time to get into the makeup! d661055b-dbb8-4d6a-9abf-7aef35247523.jpgI start with moisturizing my skin with my Estee Lauder moisturizer for the SPF in it. After that, I will still use my primer potion, but I go in very sparingly as to not put a whole lot of product on my face before I get to the stuff I really need.

Even though I recommend a BB Cream or Tinted moisturizer, I haven’t found one that I absolutely love yet. So, I’m using a small amount of the Dior Backstage Foundation applied with literally just my fingers and perfecting with a Morphe M439 brush. I did this where I have color on my face and can even out my complexion, but leave room for my skin to breathe. (Have I emphasized that enough yet? No? Just wait.)

Then, I will put a small amount of my Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer under my eyes and on my lids to cover up my redness. Then I will set with the smallest amount of Cover FX setting powder so I don’t crease. I absolutely do not bake before I get on a plane. (Usually, because it’s 5 am and who has time for that – but also because I like to keep my powder to a minimum in the air- clearly.)

From there, I will put on a very small amount of Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer and Milani Baked Blush in the shade Luminoso to keep my face from looking completely flat.

I do want a little bit of eyeshadow so I will apply Burnt Orange from my ABH Soft Glam palette (or Modern Renniasance) all over my lid and on my lash line.

When I’m done with that, I do my brows and set them with Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel.

Then, I spray my All Nighter Setting Spray to keep it all in place.

Lastly, I curl my lashes, prime them and apply my regular three coats of mascara. (The only thing that really stays the same.)

For lips, I tend to just keep reapplying a lip balm all day instead of a gloss or lipstick. Again, focusing on the moisture being put into the skin instead of my actual look.

I will occasionally put on a lippie too, which I did on the way to Colorado, but not on the way back. airplaneAnd I’m done! It’s super simple and really quick so I can get out the door and to the gate with time to spare- not to mention a few more hours of sleep (the most important part).

When I was younger I never paid attention to how much makeup I wore on the plane, but now that my skin reacts to every little thing, I take the extra precautions.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed my 5-minute airport makeup routine. It really is so fast and easy. Leave me a comment below on what your airport makeup routine is like!

my favorite things to do in Beaver Creek + Avon, Colorado during the winter

Before I start wrapping up my ski trip posts, I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorite places and things to do while in Beaver Creek and Avon, Colorado! (I am going to try really hard to get out a vlog of my trip- but we will see how that goes…)

Important to note: these are in no particular order after the first one. All of my favorite things in Colorado have a special place in my heart, but skiing will always be my #1. The rest are close seconds but had to order it somehow.

1. Ski.

My favorite mountain and the one we always go to is Beaver Creek Mountain. This year, I also really enjoyed skiing Arrowhead which is on the same mountain, but on the far side. The base of Arrowhead had a restaurant with really amazing looking Bloody Mary’s, so if you’re in the area I definitely say to go and try one. I didn’t, but they looked so good and everybody in there had them!

2. Snowmobile.

I had one of the best experiences this year and snowmobiled for the first time since I was little. I even got to drive one by myself! We went up the mountain, stopped in a few places with amazing scenery, drank hot cocoa, and drove back down. We even saw a little moose family with two babies on the way up! A really cool experience that I can’t wait to do again.

3. Eat.

With me, I feel like this is a given. I love to eat. There are so many restaurants that quickly became our favorites many years ago, that I am actually creating a whole blog post about! The food in Colorado is some of my favorite… and also very expensive (at least where we stay). You don’t realize how much it can rack up until you’re there.

4. Take the Snowcat up the mountain to eat at Zach’s Cabin.

Even though I will be posting about my favorite places to eat in Beaver Creek, this is just too unique not to mention here, as well. We drive up to the Ritz, usually walk around the hotel and get a drink there, then catch a cat up the mountain to eat dinner in the coolest cabin. On a clear night, you get to see the stars and it is honestly one of the most beautiful things ever. I refuse to go to Beaver Creek and not do this.

5. Walk & shop in Beaver Creek Village.

Beaver Creek has the CUTEST village that we always shop in. It’s like a winter wonderland with all of the snow, skiers, ice skating, sculptures, statues, and lights. Honestly, it could not be more perfect.

There is a skating ring in the heart of the village that is perfect for families after/during a ski day. I used to love skating at the end of the day but figured out pretty quick that I am NOT any good, so I eventually stopped. 

6. Getting cookies and drinking hot chocolate at the base of the mountain.

They do this awesome thing every day at 3 p.m. where chefs come out with huge batches of cookies, passing them out to anyone who wants one. They call it “Beaver Creek Cookie Time” and honestly it’s one of the best parts of the day.

The cookies are fresh and hot and deserve a fresh cup of hot chocolate to go with it. Luckily, they have a Starbucks right around the corner from cookie time where you can pick one right up. I, personally, have been watching my weight so I didn’t grab one this last trip, In fact, I only participated in cookie time twice in the week we were there. I preferred to be on the mountain before the lifts closed.

7. Thursday Night Lights.

During the ski season, Beaver Creek puts on this thing called Thursday Night Lights. The ski and snowboard instructors lead a night ski down the mountain with glowsticks while fireworks go off behind them. The mountains light up in the background and it is simply beautiful. It may not compare to Friday Night Fireworks in Swayze, but it’s definitely on up there on things everyone needs to see.

8. Explore.

If there’s anything new to try up there, I want to do it! Unfortunately, this time I didn’t really have a chance to do too much of that. I wanted to be on the mountain more than I wanted to do much else. However, here is a rollercoaster on Copper Mountain and I am dying to try that out next time. I would also really love to try snowshoeing at some point. But only if I have longer than a week to ski and snowmobile.

9. Look at the wildlife.

They just have animals that Mississippi doesn’t. From moose, elk, bald eagles, bison, and more, I love being able to admire the beauty that is Colorado wildlife. This time, we saw a bald eagle and a moose with her two babies. Really neat experience, if you ask me.

10. Sit by the fire and (you guessed it) drink hot cocoa.

Whether it be in the condo, or outside, I love sitting with my family with a mountain view, a fire, and something sweet. It really could not get better than that.

I think that’s it for this post. I could go on forever about how much I love Beaver Creek, but need to find a stopping point at some point haha! Hope you guys liked this post! Let me know in the comments below if you’ve done some of the things in this post. See you in my next one!

easy mountain/ski makeup look

Hey guys. Sorry I’ve been kind of late on posting this week. Vacation time has me soo messed up. I originally had posts planned for each day but ended up not loving the content, so decided to just cut back for the week I’m in Colorado. We will be right on schedule Saturday when I get back!

Today I wanted to show you guys what I’m wearing on my face during the day while on the slopes! This look is very similar to my lazy day makeup (let me know if y’all want to see that!) but is altered a tad to prevent ski goggle lines and allows me to apply extra sunscreen during the day if needed. It’s super easy and takes me about 5-7 minutes depending on how lazy I’m being.

1. Estee Lauder Moisturizer.10784585360_img_2167This moisturizer is an oldie but a goodie that I always take when traveling. Love that it has an SPF in it, especially on the mountain!

2. Sunscreen. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT!! My family reapplies sunscreen liberally on the mountain to protect what little skin is exposed. You don’t realize it, but you can get very burnt while skiing. The snow reflects the sun even more than normal, and if your skin is bare you will turn into a tomato. Trust me, I’ve seen it.

Side note: please, please incorporate SPF into your daily routine. Whether it’s in your moisturizer, foundation, or an actual sunscreen anything is better than nothing!

3. Primer. 10784363296_img_2168I’m using primarily my Hangover primer on the slopes to keep the products on my skin to a minimum. This also helps with hydrating which I definitely need because my skin DRIES out and can break up my foundation in the constant cold.

I have used my Pore-Minimizing on my forehead a few days only to help it out a little in the texture department, but only when my skin wasn’t super dry.

4. Concealer. 10784061984_img_2175I’m not using a foundation on my skin where I can easily re-apply sunscreen and not have to worry about the product underneath it. So, I’m concealing under my eyes and my eyelids, on the center of my forehead, chin, nose and any spot concealing areas I need.

This is so easy to do and something I love when not doing a full face.

5. Powder. 10784318896_img_2166I lightly powder the areas I concealed to keep it from creasing or moving throughout the day.

6. Setting spray + mascara.


Lastly, I spray my face with Mario Rosewater spray and Urban Decay All Nighter and follow with mascara.

I always curl my lashes first and then go in the Tarte Opening Act and Gifted Mascara. I really enjoy doing this after setting spray just to make sure nothing transfers.

7. Chapstick. I’ve been putting sunscreen on my lips before chapstick to up the SPF dosage because 15 will not cut it in the mountains. I am just using the Chapstick brand because I had it and sadly lost my Sun Bum before the trip.

Hope you all enjoyed this easy mountain makeup look! It can also be great for summer or any vacation where you want a little something without taking the time to do a full face!

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#monthlymaniMonday – ski trip edition!

For today’s post, I wanted to share the nail color I am sporting on my graduation/birthday trip to Colorado!

I decided to go with this silvery-gray Essie polish in the shade Make The Cut because just about everything I’m wearing this week goes with this color.

I’ve never been the type of girl to match her nails to everything she’s wearing while she has the color on, but when choosing the color this time I wanted to make sure it would look good every night I’m here. 

This isn’t my best nail work because I did it over a period of two days (also excuse my cuticles, it’s cold and they are DRY) and for some reason, it bubbled up some. I have a feeling it’s because of the pressure out here being more than what it is at home. This is also about 3 coats which is more than I normally do. Either way, I really like this color and love the new Essie two-step polishes!

Since it’s a regular polish, I brought a back up just in case I had to redo them. For my backup color, I brought Rock the Runway by Essie because they are my favorite nail polish brand and it’s one of my favorite colors. I just feel like Essie stays on so much better than most others.

I hope you all enjoyed this edition of #monthlymanimonday! See you on Wednesday!

my carry-on must haves!! | SKI TRIP EDITION

Since I’m traveling this week, I thought it appropriate to continue to add to the lifestyle portion of this blog and tell you guys what I’m taking in my carry-on!

I’ve been flying since I was about 9 months old, so I like to think I know a little about it. Since the fire, my family had to get all new luggage for this trip. My parents got their usual Hartmann, which I liked but didn’t love. Because I’m older, my mom wanted me to get something I’d want when I moved out, so I went with TravelPro. Personally, I liked the overall feel of the TravelPro over the Hartmann and it was a pound lighter, which with me is definitely needed. I’m so excited to be traveling with my new luggage for the first time!

In my carry-on, I always keep my valuable items and things I can’t go without if my luggage were to get lost. In the case of Colorado, it’s a little more difficult for me to do that as I can’t exactly fit my ski jacket with anything else in this small of a bag. It varies trip to trip, but you’ll get the point with what I have here!

1. My laptop. Macbook AirI don’t always take my laptop with me on trips, but when I do I always pack it in my carry-on so it doesn’t break or get lost. My new bag has a pouch in the front made especially for laptops, which is now mine’s new home.

2. My camera lenses.lensI’ve never flown with my camera before, but since I decided to this year, I’m taking the camera itself in my purse, and my lenses (the other was being used when this photo was taken, but I only have two so they both will go) are being wrapped up and placed in my roller bag. I put them in the middle of my suitcase where any impact won’t affect it.

3. Laptop + camera + phone/watch chargers.chargersI like to keep my chargers in my carry-on so I can easily access it at the airport if needed. I keep them in the pockets on the outside of my bag where I don’t have to search for them if something dies. I will most likely not need my computer or camera chargers because we don’t have that long of a layover, but I’ll keep them with me anyways.

4. Purse.tory burch purseIf I have an extra purse I want to take on the trip, I usually take it in my carry-on. Most airlines count purses as personal items, so I will take my bigger purse as my personal, and put the other in my luggage. If it isn’t a small one, I will sometimes check it, but I don’t have that many large purses I travel with so that isn’t usually a problem.

5. Jewelry. snapseed-20.jpgI never EVER check my jewelry. It’s too easily lost or broken and I would have anxiety the whole time that whoever checked my bag stole them. I’m sure they’re probably supervised but honestly, you never know. So to keep my peace of mind, I carry it with me!

6. Sunglasses. sunglassesAny sunglasses I want on the trip will be in my carry-on so they too can’t get broken. I like to keep them in their case and wrapped up in anything soft that I am taking just for the extra support. I have in the past kept them in my purse instead of a bag, but it honestly depends on how much room I have in each.

7. Socks + scarf.

Since I had extra room in my carry-on, I did this more to keep my checked bag as light as possible. These aren’t the most urgent things I need if my bag were to get lost, but I will take anything I can with me to make my big bag lighter. Yes, I realize socks are light and won’t make my bag that much heavier, but everything counts when they weigh your bag.

8. Makeup + toiletries.

My makeup bag featured in my post from Monday (read it here) goes in my carry-on as well. What I like to do is put most of my liquids in the quart plastic bag allowed, and whatever skincare items I’m taking in their own and then placed in the bag with the rest of my liquids. I do this where if one of the skincare items breaks or explodes, it won’t get all over my makeup and will be easier to clean. This step isn’t totally necessary but is how I personally like to keep my makeup.

9. Sweatshirt + sweatpants. snapseed-9Again, I added a pair of sweats to my carry-on to aid in a lighter checked bag. This also comes in handy if you have a delayed flight and have to stay the night in an unexpected city, or if your bag gets lost you at least have some type of extra clothes. This isn’t something I have always done but had the extra room in my bag this time to do it.

That’s about it for my carry-on this trip. Hope you all enjoyed!

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